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For just pennies a day, you can help to protect it.

Free starter account

  • Unlimited contacts
  • Birthday & event calendar
  • Your own photo inbox
  • Share up to 1000 photos
  • and much, much more...

Famipix Premium (paid)

  • All the features of the starter account, plus:
  • Share thousands of photos/videos
  • Share photos in full resolution
  • Share high definition videos
  • 10% discount on photo prints


Famipix Premium

  • 5,000 photos/videos
  • $0.83 per month
    ($9.95 per year)

Famipix Premium 10k

  • 10,000 photos/videos
  • $1.58 per month
    ($19 per year)

Famipix Premium 25k

  • 25,000 photos/videos
  • $3.25 per month
    ($39 per year)

Famipix Premium 50k

  • 50,000 photos/videos
  • $4.92 per month
    ($59 per year)
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Frequently asked questions

How long is my free starter account valid for?
Your free starter account does not expire. However, we do reserve the right to remove starter accounts on which users have not logged in for 6 months or longer.

How is the size of my Famipix Premium subscription determined?
When you upgrade to Famipix Premium, you start with the 5,000 photos/videos subscription ($9.95 per year). To share more than 5,000 photos/videos, you can always upgrade your membership.

Can I upgrade later?
Yes. When you buy a Famipix Premium subscription, you prepay for a year. If you want to share more photos/videos, you can upgrade as you see fit, and you’ll only pay the pro-rated difference in price.

Is my subscription automatically renewed?
No. Before your subscription expires, we'll send you an email with easy renewal instructions. You are in control of your subscription at all times. No surprise charges.
How is the number of photos/videos determined?
For Famipix Premium accounts, we simply add up how many photos and videos you are storing on Famipix. We only count the files that you upload, not the thumbnails which we create, and we also don't count the photos/videos stored in your inbox.

Do I retain the copyright to the photos/videos that I put on Famipix?
Yes. Sharing your photos/videos on Famipix does not mean that you are transferring the copyright to us.

What kind of support do you offer?
Our helpdesk works 7 days per week to help you get the best experience possible. See our Help & support pages. 

Can my school also use Famipix?
Yes. Your school’s students also deserve privacy. Please see our Famipix for schools page.

Famipix: meaningful sharing.

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