Our privacy promise

Families and schools in more than 100 countries rely on us to safely share their photos.
No public albums
You always choose explicitly who you share your albums with.
No risk of accidentally over-sharing.
No embedding on social networks
Famipix does not allow embedding of photos or videos to external sites.
No public search
No facial recognition and no public search from external search engines.
Comments are ringfenced
Comments are only seen by mutually connected contacts. You can choose to screen all comments before they are shown.
Fp famisquirrel promise

Our promise to you

In every decision that we make, we are committed to your and your family’s privacy.
Strict privacy & security policies
We are a Dutch company, bound by strict EU privacy laws.
Solid reputation. Since 2005.
For many years, families have relied on Famipix to share their most intimate and personal moments.
Safe & reliable platform
We use enterprise-grade methods and standards to offer a safe and reliable platform.
World-class image backups
Famipix uses Amazon Web Services, the benchmark in online storage.

Famipix: meaningful sharing.

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