Famipix for schools. Absolutely free.

Give your students the privacy they deserve: share your school’s photos and videos through Famipix.

From now on, you will have powerful privacy controls for your school’s photos and videos. (For more information about our features, read the Famipix for Schools documentation)

For example, you can choose which parents have access to which albums, even when the parents have children in different classes.

Famipix is absolutely free for schools (preschools, daycare centers, elementary schools and high schools) and is, in our opinion, the only responsible way to share photos over the Internet.

More than 700.000 people in more than 100 countries rely on Famipix to safely  share their photos and videos.

Register your school now, or, if you have questions, send us an email at support@famipix.com.
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Feature highlights

For schools

Share unlimited photos and videos
Safely share an unlimited amount photos and videos, for free.
Year-specific access permissions
If a family leaves your school, they can still access to the year in which they were enrolled, without accessing other albums.
Easy to learn
You’ll have your first album safely shared within 5 minutes.
Add contributors
Add teachers and other contributors who can independently add albums and manage the parents who have access to albums.
No commenting
Parents cannot add comments to school albums. For you, this means less work in screening content.
Daily support
Our helpdesk responds 7 days per week.

For parents

Easy to use
Famipix was designed to be easy to use, and we pride ourselves on our ongoing research in this area.
Beautiful albums
Parents will see photos and videos in beautiful and easy to use albums.
Order prints
Parents can order high-quality prints, which are shipped worldwide.
Famipix works great on all modern smartphones, with nothing to install.
School inbox
Parents can easily email and add photos to your own @Famipix.in inbox, allowing you to create rich albums of school outings and activities.
Discretion & peace of mind
Photos/videos which you share on Famipix are not accessible to external search engines and social networks.