You set privacy

Easy to use

Trusted worldwide

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Beautiful albums

Safely share your photos and videos in beautiful, ad-free albums.

Albums are hidden from the public Internet, and you decide who has access to each album.

And, of course, the copyright remains yours and you can download your albums in convenient zip files.
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Clear privacy controls

You can change viewing permissions for each album that you can create.

We don’t synchronise any content to any external sites or social networks.

Your albums truly remain yours.
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You control comments

You decide who can comment on your photos.

You can even choose to screen all comments before they are shown.

Comments are only seen by mutually connected contacts.
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Your own photo inbox

You’ll receive your own email address where your friends and family can send photos and videos.

This way, you can quickly gather photos from parties, weddings and other events.

And, your inbox is password-protected, to help protect you from spam.
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Import your photos

Do you use Dropbox to backup photos from your smartphone? Google Drive? Facebook? Instagram?

Easily import your photos to your Famipix account.

And, if you feel like downloading your photos from Famipix, download all your photos in minutes.
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Built-in birthday calendar

Never forget another birthday or anniversary.

Famipix sends you a reminder for upcoming family events.
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Access anywhere

Famipix also works great on smartphones.

No downloads, app stores or installations required: it just works.
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Safe backups

Famipix uses Amazon Web Services for storing your photos. AWS is the gold standard in cloud storage and takes security very seriously.
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Order photo prints

We’ve partnered with one of Europe’s most advanced photo labs to offer you excellent prints at sharp prices.
Worldwide shipping.
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Famipix: meaningful sharing.

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